I want to focus here that this is a multimedia project to inform people on what really experienced traveling in this huge Lapland area. You can find simple information about attractions or also business activities but in any case it’s a true story. is a project entirely developed and solely owned by Angelo Giammarresi. is also a commercial project to promote Lapland Area activities and attractions across the four countries of Norway (N), Sweden (S), Suomi-Finland (SF), Russia (RU). Everyone owning or managing an activity can be listed in the chosen category but all footage is personally filmed and screened. 

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The Home Interactive Map – Each signpost direct you to the correspondent Interactive City Area with a grid of categories to make your choice: Art, Music & Culture, Attractions & Activities, Business & Living in…, Food & Drinks, Hotels & Resorts, Spa & Relax, Tourist Info & Map.


Referring to the home page from topleft to right you find dropdown menus: Interactive Areas (activities & attractions grouped by Country and City areas), Categories (activities & attractions grouped by topic), Free Downloads (FlipAndroid App for a single activity and Games to be freely downloaded for offline use), About Us & Contacts (includes Partners, project details, etc.).


To be listed it’s easy and very affordable. There’s a basic fee to be paid only once (unless update is required by the customer).

Any information is grouped:
(Menu 1) Interactive Areas > Country > City area
(Menu 2) Categories > list of topics like, attraction, Lapland cookbooks, accommodations, etc.
(Menu 3) Free Downloads > Games
> FlipAndroid for Countries

Promotion at means being in:
(Menu 1) – Interactive Areas menu list of Blog posts with Video , Slideshow , FlipGuide (interactive catalogue)
(Menu 2) – Categories as above list
(Menu 3) – FlipAndroid menu list of native apps

FlipGuide is visible online, FlipAndroid for offline use on Android devices, both can be also created from any existing PDF catalogue and can be set on customer’s website too.

What do you get paying a fee?

Always, any customer paying a fee will appear in Menu 1 and Menu 2 but according to their paid fee, in Menu 3 when they have chosen also this option.

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Interactive Map with hot spots & Popup – It’s possible to have one’s logo or picture in this position for a very special fee.

Important to know
The videoclip is about 2/3 minutes and can be realized by our team upon reaching a minimum of customers in your area. It is intended to be in English language and the owner or a charged person will introduce the activity by himself. The videoclip will be used in all three sections describe above and also you can use in your website. If you already have a videoclip we can use it, maybe with some due adaptations.


Usually, the fee cost is very low and affordable comparing with the single product creation.

Besides, there are some special offers in this launching period, so please, use the form or the address below to contact Us. We will reply you soon supplying all details required.


E-mail: marketing (at)

mobile: +39 3286310670