Visiting Porjus Power Plant

During summer shootings in 2012 I made a stop at Porjus power plant which is considered among the oldest hydro-power plants in Sweden. The complex is situated by the Great Lule River (Stora Lule Älv)  close to the Arctic Circle,  in Jokkmokk Municipality and part of the Norrbotten county. It was my first visit to a power plant and I found it not only interesting but very important to understand the development of the region as well as the hard work of local people. In the power plant I discovered a peculiarity not else found in my travels around the world.

I want to focus here that is a multimedia project to inform people on what really I experienced traveling in this huge area across Norway, Sweden and Finland. You can find simple information about attractions or also business activities but in any case it’s a true story. All footage is personally filmed and screened while tourist offices can publish their catalog for free.

Now, I invite you to discover what’s the oddity in this power plant….

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