Nils Somby – Saami Camp

Nils Somby is a Saami from Karasjok that every year brings his herd of reindeer to graze in the Island of Magerøya in Northern Finnmark, Norway. Travelling from Honningsvåg you find his siida (Saami camp) halfway beside the E69 road to Nordkapp, the “Top of Europe”. Nils’ camp it’s a must for any traveler, you can get handmade souvenirs and listening to his daily life anecdotes. I wish you enjoy this clip and if you like can buy full videos from our video production list about Saami.
Special thanks to: Norway Powered by nature

  • Address Nils Somby Saami Camp - Island of Mageroya
  • Attractions Saami Traditions, Handmade Souvenirs, Joik
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