Berit Alette Mienna – Joik in the Moonlight

Berit Alette Mienna is a professional singer and joiker, I had the fortune to meet her at Jergul, a little cosy village near Karasjok, in Norway. It was early August just the period the so called SuperMoon was shining clear in the sky. No set was arranged because it happened in a suddenly while having a simple dinner and some small talks, someone suggested Berit to sing at the moon. Why not was her reply? So in lesser than a quarter of hour we started recording with just a few seconds of sound check then the rest is a live event which created a very magic atmosphere…
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  • Address Jergul Astu - Karasjok - Norway
  • Attractions Berit Alette Mienna - Joik & Saami Traditions
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