Winter Filming

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New Filming Session in Finnish Lapland

From 9.00 am until 6.00 pm

In Finnish Lapland

Filming Single Activity Costs (VAT Excluded) 100 Euros

Angelo Giammarresi

logo new is a web based multimedia project including photogalleries, interactive catalogues and videos. Since our summer session the demand for having an activity filmed and promoted in our project has increased to the point of making a new film session.

This new winter session will take place from 10 March 2015 onward and we will film in Rovaniemi, Luosto, Sodankylä and some other areas of Finnish Lapland.

We can offer you the opportunity of having your activity filmed at the incredible very low price of only 100 Euros*.

To have your activity filmed simply – choose the preferred date – fill the Registration Form – set the payment via PayPal. That's all !

If you have more than 3 activities to be filmed please, first set the payment for one activity then contact us to get a very special price for all other activities.

This Offer expires the 20 February 2015, then a new higher price is set.

What do you get?

- A custom videoclip of 2/5 minute with your logo

- a videopost dedicated to your activity including description and full address

- the videoclip is also published on our Youtube and Vimeo channel.

- your logo added in attractions filmed with your support

Very important to know

a- After filling the registration form be sure to set the payment using the second form otherwise the registration is deleted automatically

b- You ONLY pay once for each single commercial activity. There’s no other recursive fee to pay, unless you ask for some updates.

c- Transfer from our hotel to your activity place is at your charge, please read Terms & Conditions and don’t hesitate to contact us for any information. We are here to develop together a great promotional event for Lapland area, and remember that 

This Offer expires the 20 February 2015

in collaboration with 

Sodankyla - Municipality of Stars logowoc2013 - retina


Today there are 3 activity spaces available.

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